Monday, 29 October 2018

New Header Picture again

I'm a photographer as well as a writer. I enjoy taking, and hoarding, photographs, so I may as well use more of them here as headers for the blog.

In this picture there's a family in the Amazonian rainforest, crossing a rope bridge over a small but busy stream that rushes down a gulch between cliffs, on its way to refresh, just slightly, the turbid Amazon miles downstream. Are the family in danger of falling prey to a lurking jaguar, or an undiscovered dinosaur left over from the last great extinction? Are they on their way to meet a friendly local tribe... or is one of their number doomed to become lost in the jungle, having to revert to the wild, eating fallen fruits from the massive branches above, learning to catch fish from the stream and compete with the jaguar for prey?

Or are they just at the Eden Project in Cornwall, enjoying the experience without the travel, or the potential danger.

Every picture tells a story. Writers can tell any story we like, we don't have to use all the information in the picture.

Pictures are definitely a great provider of stimulation and sometimes even inspiration for me as a writer.

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