Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My latest poem - just a bit of Catteral, a reminder that cats are not cute.

CATTERAL - by Susan Gilbert

Tabby tabby burning bright,   
a mouse takes time to die of fright,
hold it down with pincer paws,
grab and toss with razor jaws.
Press it to the earth again,
one ear twitch, a squeak of pain.

Release, the hunt’s on in the grass,
swipe down.  A killing master class.
No motion left, the game is up and
now you’re bored it’s time to sup,
devour the head, the feet, the tail,
left in the grass, one pink entrail.

Puss-cat puss-cat, where’ve you been?
Eyes glisten, innocent in green.
Out in the dark what did you see?
Gracious tail just waves at me.
Tabby Tabby I’ve bought for you
some tasty tuna, a dainty chew.

Don’t turn away my little one,
a catnip toy for writhing fun
and leaping backwards on the mat
So cute! You funny, pretty cat!
Jump up here, my lap is free.
My sweet kitty, come to me. 

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