Tuesday, 25 August 2015

31 Women Stats, good and bad...

Thank you to all the readers of this blog!

I'm very pleased to notice that, of all the 31women I've blogged about, it's my posts on some of the most obscure artists who are getting the most hits  - hopefully this also means the most readers.

Xenia Kashevaroff Cage tops the bill, with Barbara Poe Levee, Meraud Guevara and Pegeen Vail forming the other 'qualifiers,' not sure what they qualify for, but if so many more people now know about them as artists than before, then I'm delighted.

Of course I'm well aware of the problems with taking these stats too seriously, for a start hits don't mean reads. Xenia Cage has twice as many hits as any of the others because, a. There are plenty of John Cage devotees and researchers looking for any tiny reference to him and b. There's very little researched and collated information about Xenia out there apart from what I've blogged.

Point b. also applies to Barbara and partly to Meraud, but neither of them had such highly famous and iconic husbands as Xenia.

Also there is so much information available about the better known artists such as Louise Nevelson and Frida Kahlo that my little blog appears well down on Google page umpteen. I'm pleased that Gypsy Rose Lee comes fifth in my stats and Anne Harvey and Sophie Taeuber Arp are also well up. This makes Sophie the highest rated of the better known artists, Leonora Carrington comes next.

My only disappointment is the low number of hits for one of my favourites, the totally fascinating Dada Baroness, Elsa von Freytag Loringhoven - but then she's become a bit of an obsession for me.

And I do love people's comments and the conversations they stimulate - keep them coming!

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