Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New Elephants

Ancient koalas munching in gum trees remember
many new years, once they were the first alive

in their gold-red lands under the wide sky.

No happy new year for unknown warrior-horses
who remember no poppies, only their boon

companions trapped in mud and blood, screaming.

Sir crow, summiting the naked cherry tree
remembers every ruby-fruit and can predict

their re-birth in the joy of summer light.

Lady camel transports vast burdens of memory
over baking deserts, while calculating that

the next dune is not too high for her calf.

Lord elephant remembers his enemy who
carries boom-stick and saw to destroy

his family, fire and axe to destroy his home.

To all creatures great and human I wish
a New Year of eucalyptus, poppy and cherries,

new life, safe haven and making new memories.
(In different cultures, many creatures are symbol for memory.)

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