Monday, 10 November 2014

Authors Beginning With ?...

I've begun cataloguing my books - I was going to say my library but a) that sounds pretentious and b) can it be called a library while it is un-catalogued?

I haven't got very far. I began with fiction author's books. So far, beginning at the beginning I have :-

A - 25 Adams to Auster - seems a normal number of books, I mean you wouldn't want me to miss anything by Douglas Adams, would you. And I could do with more Atkinsons and Attwoods...

B - 47 Bainbridge to Byatt - maybe quite a lot but I can't blame Iain Banks, with or without an M, as the poor guy is dead.

C - 15 Calman to Crosthwaite - not so many C's, I wonder why. Who is missing?

D - 21 Dahl to Dunmore - You can't have too many Dumnores!

E - 5 - what? Yes that's right - Eggars to Evaristo but why only five and why have I only read one of them? Ok, Dave Eggars' Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius took some reading but still....

I need more Authors Beginning with E... any suggestions?

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