Sunday, 7 October 2012

Good Day Sunshine

The sun is out, the sky is blue.
I'm beautiful and so are you,
Dear Prudence....

The Beatles permeated my teenage years, I still know most of their lyrics by heart.

Last night's TV programme on the making of their Magical Mystery Tour film reminded me how creative they were as a team. Somehow they were limited individually, although I suppose you can say that about most of us!

The film itself was shown after the documentary and was entertaining, if slightly slow in places, but the songs were still great. I still reckon you can't beat I am the Walrus as a piece of knowing surrealism - the documentary showed there was no naivete, they understood what they were trying to create. Even then in 1967 they weren't a bunch of ignorant kids, they were all very literate and certainly John and Paul understood modern and contemporary art and cinema.

And the sun is out...
the sky is blue...

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